Every aspect has its best outcome when a compliment goes its way. A rupee is worth for the service, a reward is worth a life. Money makes many still stays away from harmony. Real heart felt word of praise for little something put in with effort and hard work gives life a real touch of happiness and smile over days spent for is worth. Our concern has always been in tact with the timely appreciation and compliments from the various authorities. Our concern always has a unique recognition for the outstanding and efficient structural outcome
Best Builder Award 2004 " is one of its most recent awards
It is an association formed with the basic object to promote and foster unity cooperation and mutual help and to eliminate unfair and unhealthy trade practices among its members. It advices and assists the members in technical and legal matters. It has taken upon itself the duty of honoring the construction workers. It improves construction methodologies and conducts various conventions. The southern centre of the BAI was established in 1950 and completed the golden jubilee. BAI is committed to raise the quality and workmanship. It is a privilege to hold a membership at the BAI.
The director Mr.A.V.RAMASAMY always has his prominent position in various associations established for the promotion and welfare in the field of constructions. He works for the betterment of the construction activities and also promotes and encourages new comers. He is always at his way to raise the standard and show technical magnificence. He is an active member at the BAI for more than a decade.
The Director is given such a responsible position only because of his standard and quality work. He is a good administrator with greater efficiency and high talent.This has paved him a great way to sucess.

Builders Association of India, Southern Centre
Builders Association of India, Southern Centre
Honorary Secretary (State level)
2004 - 2006
Builders Association of India, Southern Centre
Honorary Treasurer
2005 - till date
Metro Flat Promoters Association
Executive Committee Member
2005 - till date
Federation of Flat Promoters and Housing
Founder Advisor
2004 to till date
Builders Association of India, Southern Centre
General Council & Executive Committee Member
2003 - till date
The Southern Construction R & D Service Society
2001 - 2002
Builders Association of India, Southern Centre
Joint Secretary
Worker's Training program committee
1997 - 2000
Dairy Committee Builders Association of India
All India Managing Committee
Privileged Member
Telecom Contractors Association
Founder Secretary