SHANMUGAM ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTIONS is a Partnership Firm which was started as early as FEBURARY 1968. At its initial stage the Firm entered into contracts for various Government Departments especially Department OF Telecom, Public Works Department (PWD) and other Government Undertakings.
The company has its landmark innovations in Chennai as well as other Outstations. We are always graded the Best for our Devotional and Distinguishable work. We aim at the Best quality with care to provide our customers
a peaceful and happy living. Timely completion and standard amenities offer us a remarkable position in the construction field.

The company had a sister concern SHREERAM BUILDERS which was started in the year 1994. It emerged for the exclusive purpose of structuring apartments, development of residential plots, housing schemes, real estate and property development to fulfill the requirements and gain utmost satisfaction of the customers.
Recently after the amalgamation of both the concerns THE SHANMUGAM FOUNDATION (P) Ltd has emerged to continue the execution in the field of constructions. We have discovered the aspect of utilizing man power and resources in a better way to make an apt & valuable living. The standard outcome always in strict compliance with the CMDA and government rules.
The company has won many outstanding and unique awards for its remarkable structures.
" THE OUTSTANDING STRUCTURE OF THE YEAR 2004 " is one its recent awards for the construction of apartments. This award was given for the excellent and outstanding performance in structuring a residential complex " AVINASH " at Aynavaram, Chennai.
We strive hard to do to the best of our ability to provide the way to happiness and comfort living for a Home Sweet Home of our customers.
About the Directors
Our projects stand a testimony with true artistry and a dedicated team of experts for last four decades. The Company has Three Directors, MR.A.V.SHANMUGAM who initially started the company in the year 1968. He was backed up by MR.A.V.RAMASAMY who strived for its promotion and development. The brothers worked with the utmost objective of quality and made no compromise in this issue.
The company has a staunch footing in both Government as well as private residential complex. The brothers built the phase of success in every block of work. They are the dedicated experts behind every wall of the structure. They have the true sense of artistry and quality. No works of theirs have gone in vain. The hard working capacity with a base of talent and customer satisfaction has a vital role to play in their development. The Brothers always believe in the transparency of business dealings.
The Buildings are of perfect title, excellent architectural design & efficient planning. The execution of the work is always under their direct control and go through several stages of checks to ensure to give the best to their customers. This paved way to get many awards for their outstanding performance. The brothers have an aesthetic appeal which adds value to the structure.
The sippling at the later stage joined the brothers with the considerable exposure in this field.
, Son of Mr.A.V.SHANMUGAM stepped in the concern to promote its affairs effectively. He being a person of efficient caliber always prefers to work with the latest technologies it is always qualified with high standards. He is also an expert in interior designing. Now, the team of three works with an excellent record of completed projects and this initiates their perception to the future ones.
This team works with the set of expert architects, project managers, engineers and other specialists who take due care to enable the directors to achieve their goal. The construction process is perfectly paced to ensure the right execution at the right time.